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Balance of deposit including all account replenishments, cash withdrawals, and compound interest

Total of interest accrued on bank deposit (bank deposit agreement with no compound interest)

Balance of current account including accrued interest (if applicable)

Bank card balance

Balance of card account

If a depositor has loans with the same bank, then to calculate the deposit insurance coverage due Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund shall set off the total balance of deposits (bank accounts and cards) and the unsettled obligations of the depositor to the bank. Therefore, to calculate the deposit insurance coverage due in most accurate manner, these obligations shall also be accounted for

Depositor’s loans with the same bank

Total of obligations due net of those already settled

Deposit insurance coverage: 123232 tenge

While suggesting that users of the www.kdif.kz website calculate the deposit insurance coverage online, Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund remains compliant with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KDIF shall transfer neither data obtained from the website users nor any statistical data to third parties. KDIF shall not collect, maintain or process data obtained from the Calculator page users. KDIF is not undertaking any commitments to process any monetary payouts based on the calculations of the www.kdif.kz users: in the event of a member bank failure, the KDIF payment obligations to reimburse any bank depositor (deposit insurance coverage) are to be calculated based on the exchange rate established by the National (Central) Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan valid at the date of enactment of the court resolution governing the member bank’s forced liquidation (in case of a foreign currency deposit), total of compound interest and other factors as established by the regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan governing deposit insurance. Any payment is to be made on the basis of supporting documents as established by regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan governing deposit insurance

Deposits are covered on per depositor – per bank basis

What is to indicate?

All money deposits, including bank accounts, of one depositor (private individual) placed with one bank

What is NOT to indicate?

Money deposits (including bank accounts) of one depositor placed with other banks

KDIF protects your savings in each bank within the same deposit insurance coverage limit:

  • Tenge deposits and bank accounts per depositor per bank: up to 10 million tenge
  • Foreign currency deposits and bank accounts per depositor per bank: up to 5 million tenge

Aggregate deposit insurance coverage shall be limited to 10 million tenge extended to all deposits and bank accounts in tenge and foreign currency per depositor per bank

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